Exhaust Components For Big Twins And Sportsters

Exhaust Components For Big Twins And Sportsters
A wide range of these critical components that can be used as replacement
parts or in complete custom builds.

Sold in pairs.

725H Evolution and Twin Cam engine exhaust port flanges
725H1 Evolution and Twin Cam engine exhaust snap rings
725H2 Evolution and Twin Cam exhaust port gaskets (early-style) replaces OEM 65324-83

725H3 Evolution and Twin Cam exhaust port gaskets (late taperedstyle) replaces OEM 65324-83A

74HD1 Copper ring Shovelhead exhaust port gaskets
74HD2 Copper ring exhaust port gaskets for S.T.D. Panhead cylinder heads
74HD2F  S.T.D. Panhead cylinder head port flange (sold each)

Sold each unless stated otherwise.

725T1 Exhaust and muffler T-bolts with nuts (sold in pairs)
725-3 3"-diameter muffler clamp
725G 3"-diameter muffler clamp with tail
725-2 2."-diameter muffler clamp
725C 2."-diameter muffler clamp with tail
523-1 Exhaust clamp for 1" frame rail
523-2 Exhaust clamp for 11/8" frame rail
725I 3"-diameter muffler clamp for 1980–early 1985 5-speed Touring models
605GA 1-7/8"-diameter hanger for late 1985–1994 Touring
725-1A 1-7/8"-diameter exhaust clamp
725-1B 1-1/2"-diameter exhaust clamp
725-1 1-7/8"-diameter Fishtail clamp
725R 1-7/8" -diameter Fishtail clamp with tail
725 1-3/4"-diameter crossover pipe clamp
725D 1-3/4"-diameter clamp with tail
725D-1 1-1/2"-diameter clamp with tail
725A Sportster exhaust port clamp
725B Panhead exhaust port clamp
725A1 V-clamp for late 1985–1994 Touring models

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