Captain America 4-Speed Products

Captain America Reproduction Parts
Paughco has been making many of the parts found on the famous
‘Captain America’ bike seen in the ’Easy Rider’ movie for years.
Now we’ve put them all together in one location for you to pick and
choose the ones you want to build your own version of the famous
bike. From the impossible to build chrome wishbone frame to the
iconic U.S. flag gas tank and unique King/Queen seat, Paughco
has all the parts you need to build your own Captain. We have an
original 4-speed frame for a perfect copy or even a 5-speed frame
for updating to a Softail driveline with an electric start.


S127CC Chrome 4-speed Wishbone frame (3" front downtube stretch, 0" backbone stretch, 37º rake)

S127C Raw 4-speed Wishbone frame (3" front downtube stretch, 0" backbone stretch, 37º rake)

26BK Rear axle kit

218 4-speed transmission mounting plate

119CA Captain America sissy bar (chain drive)

748 Chrome oil tank

526D Chrome side-mount headlight bracket

539CA Chrome taillight mounting brackets (pair)

357 5"-tall Dog Bone risers

CTCA Chrome cross tube for risers

H31CA Special Captain America handlebars

715B Chrome upsweep headpipe set

606 Chrome Fishtail mufflers (sold each)

725C Exhaust clamp with tail (sold each)

753E Chrome tin inner primary

751 Chrome tin outer primary

757A Chrome derby cover with bird

758 Chrome tin inspection cover

515 Chrome chain guard


Note: Frames, Tanks and other build to order items require a build verification by a Paughco tech (they will reach out by phone to verify order.) before production begins.  Build to order items Ship in a 3 - 6 week time period. minor exceptions apply when custom chroming is applied, ship times. an be pushed out.

  • Items in stock will be dispatched within 2 business days. Once shipped, you will receive an order confirmation email with a tracking number.

    For items *built to order, shipping times may vary. To inquire about specific shipping times for custom orders or for products you are interested in, please contact us at or call 1-800-426-2621.

    *Built-to-order items include Frames, Springers, Gas Tanks, Oil Tanks, Trike Products, and any product currently out of stock. If an item you've ordered is on backorder, you will be notified within 2 business days of placing your order.

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