Paughco Custom Flat Black Oval Leg Springer 6" over

Paughco Custom Flat Black Oval Leg Springer


Big Twin, Timken, Dual Brake Tabs, Flat Black Powder Coated Outer springs front and rear legs rockers top clamp crown nut and spring rods. Chrome hardware rocker studs and inner springs. no fender mounts

Paughco Part# N181-6 [ 6" Over stock (total length – 33") ]

Wide springer front ends With tapered oval rear legs

These Springer fork assemblies come assembled and include the fork stem, top nut, crown nut, top clamp, and inner and outer springs. Springers 15" and longer have 3° stem angles, but this option is available on the shorter Springers upon request. Please specify type of neck when ordering (Big Twin or Sportster – see bottom of page). Also, please specify the style of top clamp you want..... with ears (for dog bone style risers) or without ears (for Glide style risers). Wide Springers twisted or Wishbone front legs.

Special notes:

1) will not work on touring models
2) use special axles on pages 118-120
3) all wide springers Can be ordered With mounts for a floating front fender kit (see Catalog page 28)
4) all springers Can be blaCk poWderCoated at addi-tional Cost
5) all springers Can be ordered With twisted or wishbone front legs instead of straight front legs at additional Cost


1) 1981 and earlier Sportster front end has a 7/8" neck stem. 1982 and later Sportster front end has a 1" neck stem.2) Rockers are available for 5/8" or 3/4"-diameter axles.
3) Stock Harley axles will not fit Paughco Springers.
4) Minimum inside width is approximately 7-3⁄4"
5) Distance between rockers where axle goes is approximately 10". 6) N181ST and N181-3 Springers can be specially-ordered to ac
cept Paughco 16" front fenders (see page 174 for fenders).
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