Exhaust Systems For 1995 - 2006 Touring Models

1-3/4" Exhaust Systems For 1995-2006 Touring Models
These drag pipe and headpipe sets fit 1995–2006 FLT, FLHT, FLHS and Road King models. Heat shields are recommended.

This drag pipe set has slider channels, and includes Paughco #725S mounting hardware.

735EVOS* 40"-long Slash Cut drag pipes (shown on bike on facing page)
725S Replacement hardware mounting kit

Complete your exhaust system by combining these headpipes with tailpipe extensions or mufflers for these bikes (see page 244).

733C7* 2-into-1 headpipes ONLY for 1995–2006 Touring models
735G1* Independent duals for 1995–2006 models (includes a Paughco #725N crossover bracket) shown on bike
735-7* Crossover duals for 1995–2006 models (includes a Paughco #725N1 crossover bracket)
725N Replacement hardware mounting kit
725N1 Replacement hardware mounting kit


435EVOF Front heat shield (shown on bike)
433C4F Low front heat shield with notch for Paughco #’s 733C7 and 735-7 pipe sets (not shown)
425-5 Low front heat shield without notch for Paughco #735G1 pipe set (shown on bike)
435EVOR Rear heat shield for Paughco #735EVOS pipe set (not shown)
433C5R Rear heat shield for Paughco #733C7 pipe set (not shown)
435-5R Rear heat shield for Paughco #735-7 pipe set (not shown)
435G Crossover heat shield for Paughco #’s 735G1 and 735-7 pipe sets (not shown)
435GS Snail heat shield for right side rear cylinder on #735G1 pipe set (shown on bike)


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