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Lower End Components

Sold each unless stated otherwise.

1430 Left-hand thread circuit breaker stud screw for 1959–1969 Big Twins

24020-51 Left-hand thread pinion shaft screw for 1951–1953 Big Twins

24023-54 Pinion shaft gear nut for 1954–1989 Big Twins

24776-40 Left-side bearing and oil slinger for all Big Twins

25785-30A Idler gear and circuit breaker bushings for 1936–1969 Big Twins (sold in pairs)

25788-30 Idler gear stud ONLY for 1930–1948 Big Twins and 1932–1973 side valve 45" engines

25791-36 Idler gear stud ONLY for 1936–1969 Big Twins

25856-36 Circuit breaker drive gear stud ONLY for 1936–1969Big Twins

980 Sprocket shaft bearing retainer and seal for 1955–1969 Big Twins (OEM 24031-55)

982 Sprocket shaft oil seal and snap ring for 1936–1954 Big Twins (OEM’s 24702-40 and 24776-40)

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