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Regulator Mounting Brackets For Big Twins And Sportsters


Chrome-plated pieces for a variety of applications.

767A Custom regulator mount for attaching Bosch regulators to 1958–1974 Sportster generators

767B Regulator mounting bracket for 1958–1964 FL and FLH rear motor mounts. This is an out of the way place for the regulator (OEM 74531-58)

767C Mount for Bosch-type regulators

767D Clamp for 1966–1969 Big Twin distributors (OEM 32516-66)

767E American-made regulator bracket for 1970–1975 Big Twins (OEM 74533-70A)

767F American-made regulator bracket for 1976–1986 Big Twins (except rubber-mount) OEM’s 74533-75B and 74534-80

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