Paughco Springers Front Brake Caliper Kits

Front Brake Caliper Kits For Paughco Springers
These caliper kits and components feature high-performance polished aluminum Performance Machine 125X2 calipers, and are intended for use with Paughco Springers (see pages 30-36). Special axle kits may be required (see pages 118-120).

Complete Performance Machine caliper kit for left-side applications
Part# 184LK-11

Complete Performance Machine caliper kit for right-side applications
Part# 184RK-11

Left-side Performance Machine 125X2 caliper ONLY
Part# 184LC

Right-side Performance Machine 125X2 caliper ONLY
Part# 184RC

Support bracket ONLY for Performance Machine 125X2 caliper
(left or right-side)
Part# 184LRB


Mounting hardware kit ONLY for Paughco #184AA brake anchor
Part# 184LRH


Chrome disc rotor spacer for use with Paughco #N187SD Axle Kit on Narrow Tapered Rear Leg Springers (OEM 41814-76)
Part# 184CS
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