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Axle Kits For Paughco Wide Tapered Rear Leg Springers

These 3/4"-diameter axle kits are intended for use with Paughco’s popular N181 and NS181 Springers (see pages 31 and 33 thru 34), and will let you adapt a wide variety of wheel and caliper packages (see pages 112 thru 116 and 128) to these fork assemblies. They include all required spacers and nuts.

N186-1 For single or dual flange wide hub wheels when no brakes or speedometer drive are required

N186A1 For single or dual flange wide hub wheels when used with Performance Machine’s 125X2 calipers in single or dual disc applications. There is no provison for a speedometer drive

N186A2 For use with single disc 1984-1999 FXST Softail hubs with OEM bearing spacers removed (other hubs may require different spacing). Use with Paughco #’s 184LK-11 or 184RK-11 caliper kits (sold separately)

N186A2DD For use with 1973-1984 4-speed FL, and 1980-1983 dual disc FXWG hubs with OEM bearing spacers removed (other hubs may require different spacing). Use with Paughco #184LK-11 and #184RK-11 caliper kits (sold separately)

N186B1 For use with single disc 1984-1999 FXST Softail hubs and the OEM Springer
caliper mount (shown for illustration purposes only – not included)

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