Complete Valve Spring Kits For Big Twins And Sportsters


Includes springs, collars and keepers.

927I For 1981–1984 Shovelhead Big Twins (OEM’s 18201-82, 18202-82, 18209-81, 18222-81 and 18228-36)

927J For 1984–2004 Evolution and Twin Cam 88 Big Twin engines, and 1986–2003 Evolution Sportsters (OEM’s 18201-83, 18202-83, 18219-83, 18222-83A and 18229-83)

927A1 For 1952–1953 K-models (OEM’s 18165-41, 18201-52, 18220-30, 18223-53 and 18228-30)

927A2 For 1954–1956 K-models (OEM’s 18165-41, 18200-32, 18220-30 and 18228-30)

927A3 For 1957–1981 Sportsters (OEM’s 18203-57A, 18204-57A, 18220-57, 18221-57A and 18228-30)

927A4 For 1981–early 1983 Sportsters (OEM’s 18203-57A, 18204-57A, 18220-81, 18221-57B and 18228-30)

927A5 For late 1983–1985 Sportsters (OEM’s 18203-83, 18204-83, 18220-83, 18221-57A and 18228-30)

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