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Paughco Kick Starter Parts And Accessories For Big Twins And Sportsters

 A selection of important components for use as replacement parts.


The heavily-reinforced bushing area and super-strong 356T6 aluminum construction, solves the problem of broken kick starter covers. Fits all OHV and Flathead Big Twins. Natural finish ONLY.

221 Finned

222 Smooth (OEM 33277-36A)


219 Kick starter shaft for 1936–1986 Big Twins (OEM 33096-54B)

220 Highly-polished late kick arm with offset to clear exhaust pipes (OEM 33068-54)

220A Round solid kick pedal

220B Kick starter lever return spring for Big Twins (OEM 33085-36)

220B1 Kick start return spring stud for Big Twins (OEM 33090-36)

220C Kick start lever return spring for 1952–1979 K-models and Sportsters (OEM 33084-41)

220C1 Kick start return stud for 1952–1979 K-models and Sportsters (OEM 33088-52)

220D Hardware kit for kick pedals (OEM’s 33215-30, 33213-31 and 4336W)

221A Chrome cap nut-style kicker cover plug for all OHV 4-speed Big Twin from 1940–1986 (can also be used as a timing hole plug)

221B Kicker cover cap nuts for 1936–1986 Big Twins (set of 9)

221F Original-style kicker cover plug for all OHV 4-speed Big Twins from 1940–1986

223 Kicker cover bushing kit for OHV and Flathead Big Twins (OEM’s 33288-36 and 11101)

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