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711GM(TM) Knuckleheads Over The Transmission S Pipe Staggered Duals For 1936 - 1947

1-3/4" Over-The-Transmission ‘S’ Pipe Staggered Duals For 1936-1947 Knuckleheads
Feature an inside-the-frame front ‘squish’ pipe, and an over the transmission rear pipe to blend nostalgic and contemporary looks on your rigid framed 1936–1947 Knucklehead. The mufflers have slider channels on the front and rear pipes, and the drag pipes have one on the rear pipe only. A Paughco #523-3 mounting clamp is included with the muffler sets.

711GM 38"-Rear pipe only (not a set)

711TM 38"-Rear pipe only (not a set)

Note: Paughco seconds/swap items are "SOLD AS IS" no warranty or returns accepted. Free shipping on orders over $200.00.

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