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One-Piece Fat Bob Custom Tanks

These tanks feature a low tunnel with ‘Horseshoe’ mounting tabs, and come in two different capacities. They have early cam-style gas cap bungs, and a 22mm externally threaded bung for aftermarket or HD petcocks, installed on the left-side of the tanks. The 4.75-gallon tanks are indented on the bottom for rocker box clearance (except stock FXR or Touring models), and the 5.25 gallon tanks are for custom applications only, where the frame has been extended in the front downtubes to provide adequate clearance. All tanks come with a bare metal finish, and have been pressure tested.

820 4.75-gallon single cap tank

821 4.75-gallon dual cap tank

830 5.25-gallon single cap tank

831 5.25-gallon dual cap tank

820S 4.75-gallon single cap tank with late screw-in bung

834 5.4-gallon single cap tank with early cam-style bung

835 5.4-gallon dual cap tank with early cam-style bungs

Click here for gas caps and petcocks

Special Note:
Always fit before paintingPaughco will not warranty after painting

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