Pipe Sets For 1948 - 1969 Generator Big Twin Engines With STD Cylinder Heads In Rigid Or Swingarm Frames

1-3/4" Pipe Sets For 1948 - 1969 Generator Big Twin Engines With S.T.D. Cylinder Heads In Rigid Or Swingarm Frames
These headpipe sets and Slash Cut drag pipes are specifically intended for use on engines with Panhead or Shovelhead lower ends and STD cylinder heads. Because of the unique 3-bolt exhaust flange incorporated into the S.T.D. heads, they require special exhaust systems. We have taken some of our most popular exhaust systems for 1948 – 1969 rigid and swingarm frames and modified them accordingly.

712CSTD 2-Into-1 headpipes ONLY for use with an extension or muffler (kick or electric start)

715BSTD 3-piece Upsweep headpipes ONLY use with tail pipe extensions or universal mufflers (rigid frames with kickstart ONLY)

713-40STD 3-piece Slash Cut drag pipes with an over-thetransmission rear pipe and a front ‘S’ pipe for kickstart ONLY. Will not fit with a large FLH battery (rear pipe has a slider channel)

713D40STD 3-piece Slash Cut drag pipes with a Shotgun rear pipe (with slider channel) and a front ‘S’ pipe for rigid frames with kickstart ONLY

713D1-40STD 3-piece Slash Cut drag pipes with a Shotgun rear pipe and a front ‘S’ pipe for swingarm frames ONLY. Fits kick and electric start with swing-out kicker. Will not fit with large FLH battery. Rear pipe has a slider channel. Use a Paughco #718J hanger bracket to install it.

718J Hanger bracket for the Shotgun rear pipe on a Paughco #713D1-40STD pipe set

The use of a heat shield on the rear pipe is highly recommended.

424CR Fits Paughco #713-40STD over-the-transmission rear pipe (not shown)
411BR Fits P412D1R Fits Paughco #713D1-40STD Shotgun rear pipe (not shown)
413CR Fits Paughco #712CSTD rear pipe when installed on bikes with mechanical or hydraulic brakes (not shown)
415BR Fits Paughco #715BSTD Upsweep Shotgun rear pipe (not shown)


Special Notes:
1) Drag pipes are not recommended for use on the street.
2) See page 247 for P-clamps and frame rail clamps to install these pipe sets.
3) See pages 349-353 for photos of the heat shields for these pipe sets.
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