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Paughco Ratchet Top Dust Cover Parts And Shift Rod


210-1 Chrome dust shield for 1952–early 1979 FL model ratchet shift covers (OEM 34555-52)

210-2 Chrome dust shield for 1974–early 1979 FX model ratchet shift covers (OEM 34555-79)

210-3 Shifter shaft lever for 1952–early 1979 4-speed ratchet lid (OEM 34447-52)

210-4 10-24 x 1/2" screws for shifter shaft lever (set of 3) OEM 1767W

203F Complete shift rod with clevis and shoulder bolt (OEM’s 33851-52A, 33870-51, 33878-51)

503 Clevis pin hardware kit with cotter pin for shift rod clevis ends (OEM 42269-30)

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